Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hello from Poland

Schoolovision 2011 Poland introduction from Marek Fularz on Vimeo.
Zapraszamy do Schoolovision 2011!
Jesteśmy z Polski i lubimy śpiewać!
Życzymy wszystkim powodzenia!

They sing: Kocham Cię Polsko! I love you Poland!


Steffen Töppler said...

Big party, Marek!
Thanks for sharing the fun.

Having watched this, I have the feelng that we will see a strong entry from Poland again, this year.

Michael said...

Great introduction Marek! Greetings from Scotland!

Greece said...

Kisses from Greece...

Ursula said...

Hello friends!
Nice to see some of you again.
We remember your visit at our school and say thank you again for the sweets and the other presents!!!