Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hello from France !!

Les élèves de l'école de Florentin vous souhaitent bonne chance à tous!

Que le meilleur gagne !


Wout V said...

Hello this was a good movie and good luck

Jinthe said...

Hi there in France,

I love your movie very, very beautiful.
I wish you good luck in competition!

Good luck from Belgium! X

bram said...


i like you video very much
and is nice to meet you.
i hope you win.

stratoyla said...

Good luck!!!!!:)

Michael said...

Bonjour à tous en france- and Good Luck with this year's entry from Scotland!

valerie canty said...

Thank you all
Good Luck !!

Bye bye from France!

Greece said...

Good Luck are great!