Friday, 29 April 2011

The Norwegian song - Stop! Don't bully!


Stop! Do not bully!
This here is my friend.
Do not find any nonsense.
My friend is good as gold.
Now I'll just say so.
One for all - All for one.
So now I want to affirm black on white:
Here are a bully-free!

Everyone has once been outside.
Known for a lump inside.
So I will be the one
that is a true friend,
and dare to speak up
when things are not good.
So I say: Stop!
Do not bully…
likes to stand outside.
We all need a friend.
To show empathy
can be difficult.
But I will be the one
which is the small difference.
And dare speak out: Stop!
Do not bully…
Do unto others as you want them to do to you.
Yes, it's a good rule - I think!

Text and music by Frode Skålevik


Ingrid Maadvere said...

I like the message of the song. Friendship is very important.

Good luck!
Ingrid from Estonia

Michael said...

Good luck from Scotland too!
We thought the song and the message were very good!

Dave Schrauwen said...


Thanks for this song! We think the message is clear and friendship is indeed very important!

Greetings from Belgium

Ursula said...

Hello Norway!

Your song is super! Especially the text!
Greetings from Paul