Sunday, 8 May 2011

36° in Germany

Even though our school's song contest started in winter, it proves the right timing for us to present the winner of our internal contest just now, while we are enjoying a summer-like atmosphere and are already dreaming of the summer holidays that aren't very far away, anymore.

So, we do hope that you may enjoy with us the summer feelings that are brought about by "36 Grad"!


Thanks so much to the authors of this song and to all kids and grown-ups who have shared their skills in producing this entry.
Especially, I would like to mention and thank our school's musician Ecki, who always prefers not to be mentioned and now simply has to cope with it for a change.


Michael said...

Just fantastic! What an amazing video!

I'm certain this will do very well Steffen- well done from me in Scotland.

Stefani from the kitchen said...


I will pass this on to all of my friends, as a summer-greeting. You guys are so much more fun than DSDS!


Greece said...

Congratulations Steffen!!! We liked your video so much!
And yes we are waiting for you in Greece!
Good luck!

sammy said...

wel done
the jump is wrealy great.
yours video is to me top 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Germany!

We like your song and videoclip very much! The song sounds familiar right away!

Most of my pupils liked the backward jump very much and I like the stop-motion-movies you guys made!

Definitely one of the best entries!

Good luck on the voting Friday from Belgium!

Jana said...


The video is certainly succeeded!
the jump is 'WOW'.
wel done!!!

Marek Fularz said...

I feel like we knew each other for years, seeing the same kids from Germany, Czech ... every year :)

dries said...

this video is very good,
i hope that you are becoming into the top 5.

greece from belgium
and goodluck 8)

Ursula + Maria said...

Hallo Deutschland!
Mir gefällt euer Lied sehr gut.
Es ist cool!
Alles Gute von Max

Ursula + Maria said...

I like your video with LEGO!
The song is cool!

Good luck from Luke

Unknown said...

That's it! Great video with cathing song!

In case of music video You need to have an idea... some visualy strong theme. People then say "...yes, this is the video with dancing lego...". And You have done it great way within good song!

For me this is the best in last three years and it shows where the creative direction can goes in schoolovision...

Good luck for voting!

Petr Nemec

matthias said...

It is very well done

Anonymous said...

cool video!

valerie canty said...

What a fantastic video !! We like the song too !

Good luck!

p.mac said...

Wonderful song and video!
You should be SO proud of yourselves! May be the next hit song on the radio. Good luck!
Paul Mac from Boston