Sunday, 8 May 2011

Czech Republic entry

Hello, everybody.
ZŠ Husova Brno from the Czech Republic is here again. Our song is about our favourite season - spring. This song was written by Inka Rybarova and it speaks about child´s plays and activities during springtime. We hope you will like it.


Steffen said...

Hello to the team from the Czech Republic!

It's great to see you kids again.

And again you have presented us with a very special and highly professional entry.

Thank you and good luck!

Michael said...

Hello from me in Scotland too.

This is another wonderful entry- highly professionally put together and full of fun and a catchy tune.

I'm sure you'll do well again!
Good luck from Scotland.

Steffen said...

After having watched this again, I've got more comments to share:

I knew Schoolovision and eTwinning are about cultural learning, too.
So tell me, when does school start in the Czech Republic when those kids can still lie in bed at seven o'clock?

The video quality is just amazing and the music is an earworm - ein Ohrwurm.
We have the same expression in German. What about other languages?

Unknown said...

I'am not sure that they still can lie at 7... =) The video is about the day when our kids is running with schoolovision... which is very special. Normaly at 7 the should leave the house door... =) Start is at 8...

But another question for your attentive pupils.

The mission is:

Watch the video very carefuly, check the upload date and tell whare is an mistake in the video (which we made as little game for you)...

Best wishes from Czech republic

Petr Nemec

Dana said...

Hello Steffen.
We start school at 8 a.m. so children who live near school usually get up at 7:))

Marek Fularz said...

Perfect :)) jako každý rok :)

liesl bruynen said...

I like this song very much.
The dances are cool and they sing beautifully.

Good luck !!!!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hello Czech Republic,

Again a real fine entry as we are used from you!

Very professional video and a great song!

Best wishes for the voting!

Kind regards from Belgium!

Bram R. said...

Hai its great to see what you do,
i think its my faforite.

break a leg,
Bram R.

ina said...


its a very special video
And a very good song

Good luck!

Dorien said...

hello to all,

wow what a nice song and melodie and the video is special.

greatings from belgium.

Michael said...

Having watched this with my class today, I am wondering... will we see some of these girls as future pop stars?
They really are fantastic singers :-)

well done again!

Steffen said...

I had the same thing on my mind, Michael.
Time will tell.

And when the time comes we can say:
We knew it!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello from Austria!
Your song is phantastic!

Anonymous said...

This is the best video!

Anonymous said...

The Best video ever!

From Patrick Pfaff

Anonymous said...

it´s a fantastic video and great music!

good luck!

Tillmann and Patt from Germany said...

We have found the mistake!

It´s the date in the news show.
The video was uploaded on the 08.05.2011, but in the news show you can see that the date is the 10.05.2011.

Emil from Germany said...

We think that the mistake is, that the date in the video is 10.5.11.
But you had to send by 8.5.11!

ilke said...

i love your clip really great
good luck with the votes

ilke from belgium

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown said...

Yeah! Thats it!

Good team from Germany!

Tillmann, Patt and Emil are little winners already (minimaly for this game)!


Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hello Czech Republic,

Again a real fine entry as we are used from you!

Very professional video and a great song!

I love Spring too!
I would like to have such beautiful flowers in my garden!
Your joy travells around Europe! I love it!

Congratulations to Dana but mostly to students - they're perfect!
Good Luck from Portugal.