Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Maltese Song - "A Song for Maltese Children"

Schoolovision2011 from videos on Vimeo.

How wonderful to live in a world full of joy and peace away from war and distruction!
Dear children around the world, join us in singing our song…
“We don’t want any worries…We don’t want any wars.
Around us peace and friendship…And nothing we want more.
Let’s tour around the whole world…Announcing joy and peace
Telling everybody that we are all Maltese.”


Michael said...

A super video and song, full of colour and happiness!

Good luck from us all in Scotland.


Very nice your song. We loved it! Good-luck!

Anonymous said...

Love this song and would love to teach this song to Maltese Australians. Can you provide the lyrics.

Ursula + Maria said...

We really like your song and the video.
One question: Does the wonderful playground belong to your school???
We`ve never seen before such a court!!
Greetings from the Austrian Kids!

Maria Antoinette said...

Hello Ursula,

The playground is a national one and it is very recent too.

On behalf of the children, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who sent us their positive comments.

The Best of Luck to all participants :)

Dave Schrauwen said...

To all over there in Malta,

We think the message typed under the song says all what Eurovision is about: peace and friendship!

We like the song and the video too!

Belgian regards!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello friends in Malta!

I like your son so much!!!!

Good luck from Leonie