Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bulgaria - Neveno mome

Hello dear friends,
Bulgaria is well known all over the world with the special musical rythms and wonderful voices. There are plenty of national songs that worth introducing but we decided to perform
a folklore song named " Neveno mome" ( Nevena means Marigold/ Calendula - it is a girl`s name). We hope everybody will feel and enjoy the playful and naughty melody.


Michael said...

Hello Bulgaria!

What a really great song and video!
I enjoyed it very much!
Good luck for the voting :-)

Michael in Scotland

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi to all in Bulgaria!

We like the song and video too!

Good luck Friday!

Best wishes from Belgium!

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello from Austria!
I like your song!

Birgit said...

Hello Bulgaria

What a verry good song.

Anonymous said...

a great folk song!

Good luck!