Sunday, 8 May 2011

Belgium - I'm into folk!

Hello to all Schoolovisioners!

We had a lot of fun singing this Belgian folksong and we hope you all like it!

The song keeps getting better and the videoclips keeps getting funnier, so please turn up the volume, start dancing and watch it untill the end!

You can view our HD-video:// or our normal quality video here:

We want to thank Galley Head for playing the instruments and Bart Peeters for writing the song!

Good luck to everybody in the contest!

Kind Belgian regards!

The kids from Qworzó


Ive Hapers said...

I hope we hear a lot 'Belgium 12 points'! Good luck you all. I really like the song and the clip. All the best!

Michael said...

Brilliant Dave- I love this song!

It has mesmerised our children this evening, who have watched it repeatedly. Tomorrow, my pupils will judge it.

Well done and Good Luck!

Steffen said...


Hey hey, I was into folk before, already. But now I'm even more.

This is just gorgeous!

I couldn't stop smiling while watching this. And since it's not me who's voting I can frankly say here: I've found my favourite!

Thanks for this enormous fun and good luck for Friday!

Anonymous said...

it's a good movie and hopefully you guys win


Marek Fularz said...

Is it folk from Belgium?

Greece said...

Thank you kids for the good words for Greece....You are also awesome....!Your song is great and you are very cute kids....
Good luck to you from Greece!

Dave Schrauwen said...


Although it has an Irish sound, we wanted to perform this song because is was written by a Belgian artist and because we like the message in the song: "Hip-hop seems trendy, but folk can be much more fun from time to times too!"

Thanks to all for all the kind words written above!

sbo de Bolder said...

Hallo vrienden uit het Zuiden,

Wij vinden jullie clip erg mooi en creatief!
We waren onder de indruk van de menselijke vlag.

Heel veel succes vrijdag!

Groetjes uit Franeker, Nederland

Anonymous said...

This video is cool!

From Patrick Pfaff