Saturday, 7 May 2011

Poland - Fly with me

Fly with me from Marek Fularz on Vimeo.

Polish children's song about fun, friendship and imagination of children.

Would you like to tell you about one of the summer days
I was playing in a meadow when someone whispered to me
I have a big problem because I'm still alone
Although I know thousand games, there is nobody to have fun

Fly Fly with me highly
I'll take you with me where are the stars
Together will say hello the clouds
The king of butterflies gave me driving license
Maybe on the top of The Little Prince
Today will be a grand ball again
I'll take the smell of flowers from the meadow
On the stellar harp I will play 


Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...
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Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Superb Marek!
I love it!
You have luck... your students are fantastic: they sing very well and are very colourful in all senses. Give them a big hug!
Will you be the winners????
Carla, Portugal

Michael said...

Like Carla- I do love this song very much!
It's such a colourful song, full of happiness and hope, with great dancing and singing.

Good luck from Scotland :-)

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hello Poland,

We can feel the summer when watching this videoclip!

Exellent video!

Good luck on the voting from Belgium!

Esra said...

Hello poland

It is a beautiful video!
And a very good song!


Dorien said...

very nice video and song !

Ursula + Maria said...

Hello friends,
your song and the dance are very nice!
We would like to see you again!

Steffen said...

Thank you, Marek and kids for another colourful and joyful entry.

Bright colours are what I have become used to connect with the Polish entries.
Well done, again!

Tell me, where is this beautiful garden? Does it belong to your school?

Did it need to be rearranged after last year's terrible flood?

Anonymous said...


Poland's video is the best video. and I am also a pole :D Greetings from Germany.

valerie canty said...

Very beautiful song !! good luck from France!

Darja said...

Hello, Poland! Wonderful song! Good luck tomorrow!
Darja, Slovenia