Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Austria - "The Wild Boar Song"

Untitled from VS Wildbach on Vimeo.

The Austrian children decided to sing just this song because
they really like the music and the text :

This song tells us about the life of the boar:

The wild boar is a pig with bristles, hair and tusks.
It always has to look for food by himself and doesn't have
the possibility to get the food in a pot from the farmer as the pig.
It lives in the wood and not in the stable with the farmer.
The wild boar likes to take a bath in swamps and pools.
If it is ready it walks away with black stockings.
If wild boars have babies, they are very dangerous.
Then I would not like to meet them alone!

We like the wild boar even if it is not very popular with most people!!!

All the best wishes to our friends in Europe!


Michael said...

All in Scotland enjoyed watching the video and listening to your song very much!

Good luck from us.

Elisabeth Berdev said...

Das Lied ist euch echt super gelungen! Ihr habt tolle Verkleidungen, gut gesungen/getanzt und vorallem selbst musiziert mit vielen verschiedenen Instrumenten!!! :-) Die Volksschule Wildbach ist echt spitze!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hello Austria,

We enjoyed watching the video! Catchy song!

Our compliments for playing the instruments! It's really very good!

Good luck from Belgium!

Marek Fularz said...

This place looks familiar? :) All the best Ursula :)

ambroos said...

I found the bears funny
good luck

Steffen said...

Very nice song.
And i's especially nice to see the kids play their instruments.

berdien said...

hello Austria

this clip is very original
i self think tath your song
a good chance to make win

lovly greets
from Belgium